2014 Summer Performance Series by Catherine Gallant/DANCE

Public/Private Meeting #12

Public/Private Meeting #12
by Catherine Gallant/DANCE
a part of the 2014 Summer Performance Series              

The Falchi Building
31-00 47th Ave, Long Island City

Wed. July 23, 12 and 12:30 pm
Fri. July 25,  6 and 6:30 pm

This duet has, as its focal point, two people (for this performance a man and a woman) sitting across from each other at a small café table. No one knows how it starts. There may or may not be, music.

The dancers charge the space around them using gestural language, contact, disrupted energy and long periods of stillness. This is a relationship approaching, dissolving, gaining, falling, failing, and reaching balance. Announcements and complete surprises work a range of complexity through the repetition and obsession of daily life.

Catherine Gallant’s work often explores themes of chance, doubt and the body as a source of comfort and torment. In addition to traditional theatrical settings, Ms. Gallant has created works to be performed in train stations, abandoned piers, sandy beaches, rose bushes, church balconies and soccer fields. Ms. Gallant performed Overlove/Underpass at Anita’s Way in Times Square (2012) and created An Absurd Vice for the pedestrian block of E. 91st Street in 2008.

Ms. Gallant has received funding for her choreography from the Harkness Foundation for Dance, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, the Bossak/Heilbron Charitable Trust, City Parks Foundation and NYFA. Ms. Gallant has taught dance courses at the Boston Conservatory, Curry College, and MIT. In addition Ms. Gallant is an expert on the work of Isadora Duncan and performs the work internationally.  Catherine was the Assistant Director of the 92nd St. Y Harkness Dance Center from 1994-96 and is now the full-time dance educator at PS 89 in Manhattan where she explores dance with children in Pre-K through 5th grade. Catherine served on the writing committee for New York City’s Blueprint for the Arts in DANCE and presents dance education workshops for the Dance Education Laboratory (DEL), and the New York City Department of Education. Ms. Gallant is a graduate of the Boston Conservatory and holds an MFA in Dance from Temple University.

Learn more at by Catherine Gallant/DANCE http://www.catherinegallantdance.com

Info: info@chashama.org

Tel: (212)391-8151

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