25 Questions for the Divine

No preamble.


  1. What is the difference between morality and spirituality?

  2. How do you want me to transform in order to heal?

  3. How can I bring my soul down into the cells of my body while ordering a smoothie, walking across a parking lot, or meeting a new friend?

  4. How can I call attention to the way oppression and abuse is a two-way street without falling into blame?

  5. How can I forgive father?

  6. How can I forgive mother?

  7. Does the elephant at the zoo have as much to teach me as the elephant in the wild with its family?

  8. Can we save our world from environmental destruction? Or is everything in such a state of transformation that we should focus on creating the best new world we can–not one we were given, but one we’ve created?

  9. Are we casting ourselves out of Eden?

  10. How can I face my shadow (and all its mindless urgings toward violence) without hate or fear?

  11. What did my soul come here for?

  12. How does The Fight feature in a loving heart?

  13. How can I learn that guilt is just another wound? And how can I heal it?

  14. What is the nature of healing?

  15. If I were a leader, what should I tell my people?

  16. How can I let science guide me without letting it dictate what is possible?

  17. What were my grandmother’s prayers for me?

  18. What will be my granddaughter’s prayers for me?

  19. What is eternal? Can I touch it, or is it like a museum exhibit—not meant for my grubby hands?

  20. Why is my sister alone on the ocean?

  21. Why is my brother crying and roaring in the jungle?

  22. If we trim, trap, and tame the wild, can we still learn about our wild nature? Or have we trimmed, trapped, and tamed ourselves as well?

  23. Is life sacred? More so than death?

  24. What kind of courage do you ask of me?

  25. If a rosary hangs from a branch in the forest, and there’s no one there to pray it, is it still holy?

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L. Marrick is an author, ghostwriter, and suitcase entrepreneur—which is a hipster way of saying she travels and works from her laptop. Her memoir, “Working Girl: 132 Somewhat Moral Values I Learned from a Sex Worker,” tells about when she answered a shady classified ad and wound up working as a sex worker’s personal assistant. Follow her on Twitter @LMarrick.

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