Jumel-Mansion, Oldest Historic House in NYC, Announces Short Story Anthology to be Published by Riverdale Ave. Books

Free Informational Event for Writers to be Held

Sat., March 12, 5-7 pm

Riverdale, NY – March 9, 2016 – Award-winning publisher Riverdale Avenue Books has teamed

up with the Morris-Jumel Mansion, the oldest historic home in New York City, to publish a

collection of original short stories that take place in and around the historic mansion in upper


Anthology editor Camilla Saly said, “We will be featuring the Morris-Jumel Mansion,

Manhattan’s oldest house, in the past, the present, future, or in an alternate universe. The

stories must prominently feature the Morris-Jumel Mansion, and may include its historical

inhabitants (including Madame Eliza Jumel, Stephen Jumel, Aaron Burr, and other

Revolutionary War and pre-Revolutionary War characters, slaves and servants), the Mansion’s

visitors, fictional or otherwise, and/or hauntings, visitations, or supernatural beings (including

angels, devils, werewolves, vampires, etc), with elements of time-travel, science fiction,

erotica/romance, paranormal, steampunk, or gaslamp fantasy.”

An information session delving into the fascinating history of the Morris-Jumel Mansion and its

inhabitants will be held at the Mansion for writers, including a walk through of the house and

property, a historical overview, and question-and-answer session, on Saturday, March 12th at

5pm. Light refreshments will be served.  To RSVP, please email mjmanthology@gmail.com.

Also, please use this email for any questions you may have, or to schedule a private tour with

the anthology’s editor.

Carol Ward, Director of the Mansion said, “In recent years the museum has adopted the tagline

of “contemporary meets colonial” for its diverse array of programs and exhibitions. The

upcoming anthology speaks directly to this as we honor the history of the house while bringing

the historic characters and stories into the twentifirst century and beyond. Eliza Jumel was such

a colorful and exciting woman for her time that I look forward to seeing what authors will

create around her and the Mansion’s other residents.”

Publisher Lori Perkins added, “ I grew up in Washington Heights and was the editor of the local

newspaper in the 80’s.  This anthology is the culmination of my publishing destiny.”

Camilla Saly added, “The Morris-Jumel Mansion holds special allure for me and my husband,

too: we live five blocks from there, we were married there, and we’ve become fascinated with

Madame Eliza Jumel, the house’s longest resident, who lived there ’til 1865,  still palpably

haunts the grounds. My husband and I see her as a feminist icon who flouted convention long

before it was fashionable to do so. Eliza Jumel was born in a brothel and went on to become

the richest woman in Manhattan due to her business acumen. She came to have substantial

real-estate holdings and a world-class art collection in a world that largely rejected women in

positions of power and cultural dominance. She married the aging Aaron Burr, but then

successfully divorced him- against his wishes- because he was frittering away her money. In

that way one might say she bested the famous Alexander Hamilton, in that she dueled Aaron

Burr and won.”

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