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Video Music Box, the Source Magazine, the Fishers of Men Restaurant, Celeste Santana and others will support the 15 school initiative that will be offered citywide in September 2013.
New York, NY—January 23, 2013.  In an effort to “Come Together” and support programs that focus on active, healthy living, the Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council along with NYC Councilwoman Inez E. Dickens, and a host of community partners, today launched the “Hip-Hop 4 Better Health Program,” in conjunction with a grant from the Coca-Cola Foundation at Wadleigh High School in Harlem.  The long-awaited program will service students in 15 schools and expand citywide in September 2013.
The innovative program has several components and uses many tools in its “War on Obesity” over an intense 4-month period.  This includes the “Operation D.E.E.P” Manual (Diet; Exercise; Education & Prevention), which is the 21st century “Health Bible” created to empower students and young adults with the knowledge to help them fight the war on obesity.  The program will use a Health Club Membership; online testing; health chats and webinars; cell phones; health & wealth calls; social media; Video Music Box and Source Magazine promotions for successful members; essays and other contests; the Children’s Health Food Book; the Fishers of Men Restaurant; tickets to concerts and sports events; participation in workout videos; and a Health Education documentary with celebrities.  Members will also receive a host of perks, prizes and cash incentives for their successful efforts to lose weight.
The Coca-Cola Foundation is the philanthropic arm of The Coca-Cola Company.  The Foundation’s grant for Active Healthy Living is part of an initiative to aid local organizations in their quest to promote health and wellness, advance education and spark environmental stewardship. The Company has launched a new ad campaign called “Coming Together,” to highlight its commitment to bring people together to help find meaningful solutions to the complex challenge of obesity.
“Part of the Coca-Cola Foundation’s mission is to build thriving, sustainable communities in the areas in which we operate,” said Laverne Harley, Area Sales Manager for Coca-Cola Refreshments.  “Private-public partnerships are vital in promoting healthy, active lifestyles in our communities.  Only through collaborative efforts, can workable solutions to today’s health challenges be achieved.”
“Having our students add more fish and seafood to their diet will help them in their fight to curb their intake of red meat and junk food.  It is my hope that through the restaurant’s “Student Discount Program” children and their parents will have a better chance to lose weight and stay in shape,” stated Jonathan Hatcher, Owner of the Fishers of Men restaurants.
“Using the influence of Video Music Box and our celebrity affiliations will definitely help in this uphill battle to reduce obesity.  Though this is going to be a long tough fight, I know that our children are worth the effort so you can count me in,” said Ralph McDaniels of Video Music Box.
“The Shark” Daymond John, founder of FUBU and star of the ABC Hit TV show Shark Tank expanded on this by saying, “I believe in working out and staying in shape and will use my resources to address the childhood obesity epidemic in this country.  The Hip-Hop 4 Better Health Program is a unique way to engage children in a project that will be like pulling teeth to them.  But we must make every effort to reduce obesity because their health is our responsibility and the way things are looking, we are doing a lousy job.”
“Our children, especially those in poor and minority communities, are facing an epidemic like never before.  We have a tendency to look the other way when it comes to the subject of obesity because losing weight is not an easy task to accomplish for any age group.  I’m excited about the launch of the pilot program in my District because we finally have an innovative approach that uses the Hip-Hop Culture to fight the crisis.  With the support from companies like the Coca-Cola Foundation, I truly believe we finally have a real chance to win the war on obesity,” said Councilwoman Inez E. Dickens, Assistant Deputy Majority Leader, NYC Council.
“The Hip-Hop 4 Better Health Program is ready to take on the obesity crisis in Harlem and citywide.  Thanks to the Coca-Cola Foundation, Councilwoman Inez E. Dickens, and a host of other partners we will succeed in educating our young citizens.  Our children are very intelligent and once they are armed with the right tools it will be much easier for them to win their own personal battles against obesity.  I want to truly thank Coke for thinking outside the box and being a part of the solution and not the problem.  Their vision to launch their own campaign and form partnerships to address the crisis shows a level of social responsibility that is to be commended and is well appreciated,” said Charles Fisher, Founder and Chairman, HHSYC.
Randy Fisher, Executive Director, HHSYC also expressed, “Many of our children and their parents don’t understand the dangers of obesity and through this initiative we will have a chance to truly educate them on this crisis in a fun and innovative way that will allow them to absorb the lessons and use them to leap the many hurdles they face each day in their efforts to lose weight.  We would like to thank Coca-Cola for the $25,000 grant to support this new and innovative program and stepping up to the plate and taking the lead to support our work to tackle obesity.”
“Working with the HHSYC to reduce obesity in the Black and Latino community is an assignment that gives me great joy to undertake because it is the right thing to do.  I will do all I can to bring enough resources to the table to help fight this epidemic,” ended Celeste Santana, Fundraising Consultant & Event Planner.
The group holds up the check in front of the Hip-Hop 4 Better Health Program’s banner.
Left to right: Jonathan Hatcher, Leslie Wyche (Councilwoman Dicken’s office), DJ Hpnotiq, Randy Fisher, Laverne Harley, Charles Fisher, Sharieff Fisher, Ralph McDaniels, Celeste Santana.
The group holds up the check in front of the Coca-Cola banner.


Left to right: Celeste Santana, Leslie Wyche (Councilwoman Dicken’s office), Randy Fisher, Laverne Harley, Charles Fisher, Sharieff Fisher, Ralph McDaniels, Jonathan Hatcher.
The HHSYC was founded in July 2001 by Charles Fisher (also known as the former manager of LL Cool J, the Lost Boyz and co-discoverer of R. Kelly).  The organization was created to help implement commitments made by record companies, artists, community leaders and elected officials at the historic 2001 Hip-Hop Summit in New York City.  Participants are taught how to constructively use their time, talent and the Hip-Hop culture to improve social, political and economic conditions in their school, home and community.  Randy Fisher is the organization’s Executive Director.  For additional information, visit www.HHSYC.org.
Our mission is to enlighten our participants on issues such as Health Education, Vitamins & Nutrition, Diet & Exercise, Preventive & Alternative Medicine, Insurance and Quality Healthcare Services.  Through our partnership with several Healthcare Organizations we will conduct Health Fairs, Conferences, Workshops and Forums to stress the importance of good health, healthy eating habits, vitamins, nutrition, and the role exercise can play in their efforts to lose weight.  Celebrities will reinforce our message by attending events, using social media, producing P.S.A.’s, disseminating information, sponsoring health contests, and offering awards & prizes to participants who practice good health habits.  It is our hope that through this “War on Obesity” we will help children and parents acquire a better understanding of what they need to do to take off the pounds and live a healthy life.

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