Jane Austen & Alexander McQueen: A Gallery of Classic & Couture

The Gallery

Santa Fe Drive is Denver’s Art District.

The first Friday of every month, the entire street is a riot. That’s First Friday Art Walk. It’s one of those events where the entire street is a party. Every gallery has music playing, tables of cheap cheese and cracker displays, and college girls with electric blue hair pouring wine at folding tables. It’s fun to slide from one gallery to the next. I always know the ones I’m going to enjoy.

One of those is BitFactory Gallery. At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be a thread of continuity between the different shows at BitFactory. I’ve seen shows with a lot of different styles, themes, and mediums there. But I like just about everything they show.

So what’s the thread of continuity? What makes me like everything a specific gallery shows?

That would be the gallery owner’s taste in art, actually.

And in this case that would be Bill Thomason, who has owned BitFactory for a year. Bill keeps the space open and undecorated except for a steampunk desk and an old leather chair. Most of the light is directed at the walls and the art itself, so you can move in the more dimly lit middle of the rooms without feeling like you have to put on one of those hipster art expressions. You know, the ones that say, “Me look at art. Me classy and intelligent.”

I just can’t feel classy and intelligent while holding a Ritz cracker with a cube of store-cut cheese on it.

Anyway. Bill Thomason has good taste and I like the art in his gallery. Sharing good art is always a good thing, so . . .


Exhibit One

1990’s London Fashion Week

One of the exhibitions is a backstage phototography of Alexander McQueen’s early days in London Fashion Week.

Photographer Gary Wallis actually went to school with McQueen, and the two collaborated together many times. Here’s a bit about the show, coordinated by Mario Abela:

“Photographer Gary Wallis first met Lee McQueen, later known as Alexander McQueen, while they were both studying at Central Saint Martins, London.  Their long-term collaboration began when Lee asked Gary to shoot his MA graduation collection ‘Jack the Ripper Stalks His Victims’.

[This is] a small selection of assorted fashion portraits  taken backstage during London Fashion Week.   These pictures were  chosen  from a forth coming book and exhibition, including backstage Antonio Berardi and Matthew Williamson shows. Of course the 1990’s fashion scene could not be complete without the “super models”- Kate and Naomi….. Strike a pose…”



Exhibit Two

Love, Line, Joshua and Jane

The next show at BitFactory caught my eye because I love anything historical, and anything literary, and anything historically literary, and especially when any of these things are given a modern twist. So . . . check this out. Artist Amy Lee Lummus has done regency style portraits of Jane Austen’s characters with a blend of attention to detail and vibrant color that really jumps off the huge, life-sized canvases. It’s so unique—I love it!

“These modern, energetic portraits are my homage to Jane Austen, an author with a profound understanding of human nature captured in ever graceful, sometimes snarky, and uncommonly humorous prose.”

Mr Bingley and Mr Darcy


Anne Elliot and Children of Uppercross


Captain Wentworth


To see more of either show, check out BitFactory.net. Contact Bill Thomason if you have any questions or curiosity.

All the images are used with permission of the gallery. All copyrights remain with the artists.


L. Marrick is an author, ghostwriter and suitcase entrepreneur, which is a hipster way of saying she travels and works from her laptop. She writes about archetypes, spirituality, and history at Mythraeum.com. Follow her on Twitter @LMarrick, and on Facebook.

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