Want to Sign-up Your Child for a Sports Team, but Can’t Find a Local Team?

Does Your Child Want to Join a Local Sport Team?

Over 50,000 teams and leagues

AllTeamzlogoFor parents of young athletes, finding the ideal local sports league for your child to join can be an adventure to say the least. With no formal system in place, many parents depend on word of mouth and community billboards to learn about leagues and teams in their area. “We were frustrated parents ourselves,” said Ryan Taylor, co-founder of AllTeamz. AllTeamz.com is designed to streamline the process of finding local youth sports teams.

When you visit AllTeamz.com, the site automatically detects your location and shows local results. Users can sort by age group, sport, gender, travel range, game and practice frequency, season, distance and cost.allteamz1

AllTeamz is especially useful for families who are new to an area and lack the social contacts to “ask around” and learn about teams. The best part? It’s always free.

AllTeamz understands that sports are a great way to teach kids about life. Hopefully AllTeamz.com will help make the connection between the two a little easier. AllTeamz was designed to connect children and their parents with local sports teams and leagues.

Available online, 24/7 at Allteamz.com

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