Sarah Fabian: Featured Artist At Stamford’s Art Walk

sRaised between Hungary and the East Coast, Sarah Fabian (http://www.sarazita.com) is an international artist displaying her largest ever collection of artwork at this weekend’s Stamford Art Walk (http://stamford-downtown.com/events/artwalk/#.U6n9lo1dVNI). Sarah is no stranger to the local art community. She’s previously exhibited at the Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery in Stamford and the Contemporary Printmaking Center in Norwalk. Her artwork tells the story of a vulnerable migrant, reflective of encounters throughout her life.

The portrait above is part of a series that Sarah says demonstrates the way that art empowers people. Sarah explains that “each image carries its own unspoken story of struggle and survival, and although it’s not a self portrait it portrays my expressions and emotions as I reflect on what I’ve lost and gained during my journey.” She will have several drawings from this series on display.

  “Story Contributed by  Aisha Rasul (@aisharasul)


Join Sarah Fabian and other artists this weekend for a meet and greet, live music and art classes. Stamford’s Art Walk takes place on Friday, June 27th, from 5 pm to 9 pm and Saturday, June 28th, from 12 pm to 8 pm.

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