Two Lines in the Sand–Mexican/American War, Part III

Bayard & Holmes ~ Jay Holmes When President Polk ordered General Zachary Taylor to occupy and defend Texas up to the border of the Rio Grande, he was utilizing a well-defined line in the sand to demark his demand that Mexico honor its treaties [...]

Don’t Cry for Me, California–Mexican/American War, Part II

Bayard & Holmes ~ Jay Holmes We remember the Mexican-American War as a fight between the USA and Mexico. However, the UK and France were directly involved in the region, as well. France and Great Britain both recognized Texas’ independence, [...]

Illegal Immigrants Raise Havoc on the US Border

The Mexican/American War, Part I By Intelligence Operative Jay Holmes* In 1820, the Mexican government offered a land grant to Moses Austin that encompassed an area about half the size of modern-day Texas. In return, Austin was to finance the [...]

Of Sext and Empires

By Intelligence Operative Jay Holmes Now that we have all enjoyed another lovely Valentine’s Day, I can’t help but ask, did you “sext” anyone last week? For those of you who are older than Congressman Anthony Wiener and don’t [...]

The Ugly American Who Would Be King. Of Mexico.

By Intelligence Operative Jay Holmes* When we use the term “ugly American,” most of us think of stereotypes of insensitive American tourists blundering their way through highly choreographed, eight country, seven-day tours across Europe. [...]