Coping with Rejection

Coping With Rejection By Vicki Hinze   First, let’s set the record straight. We don’t want to just cope with rejection. We want to cope with it constructively. Allowing rejection to shove us into a mental pit of despair isn’t [...]

4 Kinds of Relationships

  4 KINDS OF RELATIONSHIPS   by   Vicki Hinze     Entire industries are built around making better relationships. Some are successful. Some are not. The thing is, we all want good relationships. We know we’re [...]

How Does S/He Really Feel About You? Trust the Twinkle to Tell You the Truth

TRUST THE TWINKLE by Vicki Hinze   When you first start dating, how do you know if the other person is being real? Honest? Can you believe what you’re told? Judge by the person’s actions?   If you’re new to dating, [...]

Can A Cup O’ Joe Make Your Man A ‘Ho’?

by Jenny Hansen I make some wicked good coffee. My pals scarf my java up and a few years ago, one of my neighbors, Clair, asked what I was doing with my coffee that she wasn’t doing with hers. She was moping so I gave her all the tools. I [...]

The 12 Stages of Physical Intimacy – What Are They?

12 Stages of Physical Intimacy by Jenny Hansen   The day after Valentine’s Day seemed like the perfect time to clue y’all in on a secret the romance writers have been keeping to themselves. Since a good portion of the ladies out there [...]


By: Amber Neal Women love it when a man puts his heart into it, I mean really spends time paying attention to the details. For example, not only would you want to have a nice hotel but remembering the “view” is just as special to the ladies! Valentines [...]

Three Reasons to Give On-Line Dating a Try

Match brought us together forever… By Kristen Lamb Maybe you braved yet another holiday alone. On New Year’s Day, you vowed to meet your mate. Now that Valentine’s Day is looming, you’re feeling the pressure more than ever. Few [...]

Is Instant Gratification KILLING Marriage?

By: Amber Neal With modern technology making it so easy to cheat, why even bother getting married anymore? People are logging off of their marriage and logging onto a fantasy world that makes their life look boring and uninteresting. Over 35% [...]

Telling the Truth — Is It a Thing of the Past?

By Arthur Crandon Most conversations are now thru emails, posts, tweets, etc. Is it far easier now to tell lies and are we, because of this, doing it more often? And let’s face it, there are times when all of us lie. Do you tell your partner [...]