Terra Rising Social N U.S. Tour

Terra Rising and Social N are going on the Road for their U.S. Tour!

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Live Streaming, Live Events Concerts and Fundraiser “Live” by  the Social N Network and Social N TV  announces it’s annual U.S. Tour with Terra Rising Film.  A Documentary Film about research and science based Medical Music Therapy.   The film is Produced by Michael Ricucci.   Mike also founded Beat Teams, an instrument donation brand which puts slightly used musical instruments into the hands of kids with Cancer, and wounded Veterans.

Social In Large

The Itinerary is for the northern leg of the U.S. Tour.   Volunteers, Venues, Social N Fans,  Music Lovers, are encouraged to contact Support@SocialNWorldwide.com  or call Mike Ricucci at 571-235-1189

Follow:  @TerraRisingFilm   http://terra-rising.com

Baltimore            Oct 25th

Philly                   Oct  27th

New York City     Oct 30th

Boston                  Nov 2cd

Buffalo                  Nov  5th

Rochester             Nov 7th

Columbus             Nov 9th

Cincinnatti           Nov  11th

Cleveland             Nov  13th

Detroit                  Nov  16th

Chicago                Nov    18th

Indy                       Nov  20th

Minn/St Paul       Nov 22cd

Billings, MT           Nov.  25th

Seattle                     Dec.  2cd

Portland                 Dec. 5th

Vegas, Sedona, Flagstaff, LA, San Diego, San Fran, San Jose, Sacremento, Phoenix  To Be Announced.

Rolling Stone says:   “Terra Rising and Social N’s live streaming events are a new sociocultural experience, NOT TO BE MISSED!  They literally stream LIVE across hundreds of Websites, and bring the experience to you and bring you into the experience”



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