Things To Do In New York !!!

1. The Duplex Piano Bar and Cabaret

Nothing lifts the soul like laughter, except for maybe music. The Duplex has both laughter and
music. It is located in the heart of Greenwich Village and offers music and shows each night.
The Duplex is geared towards adults with a minimum age of 21, but it is worth the trip to 61
Christopher Street (at 7th Ave.) Info and cabaret room reservations: (212)

2. The Pace Gallery

The Pace Gallery is an art museum the features art from around the world. It was affected by
the hurricane, but the great news is that two of its galleries are re-opening this week. This art
gallery offers a lesiure afternoon of strolling and enjoying art at your own pace. It is located at
510 West 25th Street: (212)255-4044.

3. If You Build It

If you would like to enjoy a show that benefits those affected by the hurricane, try seeing If You
Build It stand up comedy at 153 East 3rd St.The show costs ten dollars and all of the profits from
the show goes to a relief fund for the lower east side. This will give you an evening of laughter
and fun while helping lives that were touched by Hurricane Sandy. (212) 366-9231.

4. New York Botanical Gardens

The botanical gardens offers many activites for the whole family. There are many gardens
both inside and out along with displays and exhibits. The botanical gardens were affected by
the storm, but many parts of the gardens are open. In fact, this weekend you can get reduced
admission. The site states: All-Garden Pass admission is reduced 50% through Friday, making
it just $10! Use code 9912 online to purchase your tickets. Reduced prices will also be honored
on site.

5. Jazz

This weekend take in some jazz at the Lincoln Center. See Alvin Youngblood
Hart at Broadway and 60th Street. Mr. Hart reflects the Delta Blues while
keeping a wild side to his music. Tickets start at fifty five dollars, but are well
worth the cost. Nothing relaxes you and carries your worries away like jazz.

6. The Empire State Building

Most New Yorkers have seen the Empire State Building multiple times. What better reminder
of New York life and the endurance of the city than the Empire State Building? This weekend
the Empire State building will have red, white, and blue lights in honor of Veteran’s day.
Additionally, you can visit the observatory and view the city. Tickets are twenty five dollars
apiece. Take a moment to reflect on the city and all it means to America from the top of the
Empire State Building!

7. Central Park

As always, Central Park is an amazing place to visit. Check the website for the areas that are
closed due to the storm, but most of the park has re-opened. There are things to see and do for
the whole family. The cost free. Take a picnic. Play frisbee. Play checkers. Go for a walk and
enjoy the leaves. Central park never disappoints and offers a great way to spend an entire day
with a few friends or with your whole family.

In addition to these, there are many other activities available. The most important part of this weekend
is to have fun with your friends or family. The beautiful part of being human is that we adapt to our
circumstances and our surroundings. The hurricane was a trial for New York, but the city will only
become stronger because of it. It is still full of life and activity and a weekend on the town will only lift
your spirits and remind you of the beauty of the city.


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