Want to Join the Movement? Burn Calories, Get around NYC Much Easier?

Since it launched in May over 94,000 people have joined Citi Bike as Annual Members, and over 340,000 people have tried Citi Bike using day and week passes. Together these folks have taken five million rides in New York City, getting around more easily and sustainably, while burning a fantastic number of calories.

Such a hugely valuable service inspires us in so many ways, especially given our passion for the sharing economy and collaborative consumption. And we want to share our passion with you, which is why we’ve partnered with Citi Bike to give away one week Citi Bike passes to every one of our Insider Pass-holders.

Secure your SMW NYC pass today here, and also receive 20% off the standard Insider Pass rate.

Powered by Nokia, SMW NYC’s lineup for February includes a pioneer of the sharing economy Robin Chase, who co-founded Zipcar and Buzzcar, both of which have disrupted the transportation industry as well. We’ll also host other industry leaders including BuzzFeed’s CEO Jonah Peretti and Soraya Darabi and Maxine Bédat, founders of fashion marketplace ZADY.

Other benefits Insider Pass-holders receive include:

  • $50 of free Naked Wine credit
  • 4 Free plates from Plated.com
  • Uber Ride Discount
  • 1 Free Yoga Shanti class, courtesy of Breath Repeat

Learn more about the lineup of amazing speakers and Pass Options & Benefits here. Plus, if you grab your ticket now, you can still access our 20% discount.

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