When Dates Should Come With A Warning Label

by Jenny Hansen

In the heat of the summer, who doesn’t need a Friday belly laugh? Y’all remember my pal Clair from Can a Cup o’ Joe Make Your Man a Ho’, right? She’s out in the dating scene again and, well…she’s sort of dangerous. Dating makes her so nervous that she becomes a hazard: throwing things and spilling hot liquids in unfortunate places.

A note of warning seemed like a kind thing to do, so we just created this for her to give her dates:


Did she make a huge mistake or was it a brilliant dating move? We can’t wait to hear your opinions on it!

The fact is, anyone who’s dated for a while has met someone like the following two candidates, both of whom should come with a warning label.

Dating Candidate #1:

The part that had me on the floor: “I’ve got a whole can of peas. I’ve got a case, a pallet…I’ve got a whole warehouse of peas!”

Dating Candidate #2
(this might not be as suitable for work):

The part that had me on the floor: “You think a lot of men can’t handle the regalness of an up-do. Own that ponytail, girl! Work that up-do.” (The best part? This is the same person.)

These two videos made great fodder for my end-of-the-week giggle. May you NEVER date anyone like either of these two, male or female.

What’s your worst dating story? Have you ever given out or received a warning label? What did it say? Which dating candidate above was your favorite? Continue the discussion at the #SocialIn hashtag on Twitter or SocialInDC on Facebook!

~ Jenny

About Jenny Hansen

By day, Jenny provides training and social media marketing for an accounting firm. By night she writes humor, memoir, women’s fiction and short stories. After 18 years as a corporate software trainer, she’s delighted to sit down while she works.

When she’s not at her personal blog, More Cowbell, Jenny can be found on Twitter at JennyHansenCA or at Writers In The Storm.

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